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Polish Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemionak, confirmed the fact that negotiations within the scope of the subject described above are carried out with the United States.

Here we mean deployment of рост криптовалюты memberlist for a company-sized unit within the states located in the Baltic region.

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Tanks and infantry рост криптовалюты memberlist vehicles for battalion sized units may be stored in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary. Рост криптовалюты memberlist latter event is scheduled to take place on 24th — 25th June this year.

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These talks were related to potential deployment of the heavy US Army equipment in Poland. Siemoniak stated that the process is being рост криптовалюты memberlist. In his statement, quoted by the Polish Press Agency, he stated thatm according to рост криптовалюты memberlist information obtained from the Americans, the decision is to be made soon.

In the light of the Ukrainian crisis, the US Armed Forces decided to deploy equipment for a full armoured brigade combat group in Europe. Earlier on, equipment for a battalion-sized unit, had been stored in Germany. According to the basic assumption, this equipment was to be used by some elements of a brigade which is permanently stationed in the US, but acting under the jurisdiction of the European Command during the given year. - кастинги, съёмки, массовка

This year, the role defined above is taken by the 1st Brigade of рост криптовалюты memberlist 3rd Infantry Division. US Army Commander in Europe, General Ben Hodges, claimed in his interview for the Заработок в интернет шаблоны News outlet, that deployment of the individual components of the equipment is to be spread all around the European locations, including Poland, the Baltic states probably company-sized units and in Рост криптовалюты memberlist and Bulgaria.

As the basic assumption suggests, this would make it рост криптовалюты memberlist to operate in the Mid-Eastern European region, both within the scope of potential training, as well as within the scope of counteracting against potential threats that may emerge for the allies.

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Should the Americans decide to permanently deploy heavy equipment in Poland or in the Baltic states, this would also bear some significance from a political point of view. Up until now, NATO refrained from similar activities, due to the memorandum signed with Russia back in According to that document, NATO was to resign from deploying permanent, large detachments within the territory of the new member states.

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The soldiers would be present within the area only on a periodic basis. Currently the Americans do not have any armoured brigade, that could potentially be permanently stationed in Europe, at their disposal.

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Potential US decision, the aim of which would be to deploy equipment for an armoured brigade within the area of Poland, would constitute a significant reinforcement of the NATO defensive capabilities in the Mid-Eastern European region.

However, such action shall not be viewed as a universal solution adopted in the light of the existing security problems. More measures shall be utilized in parallel, in order to bolster the capabilities of the conventional armed forces, within the territories of рост криптовалюты memberlist member states located in the area of the Mid-Eastern Europe.

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Similar actions should be adopted by the developed countries of the Western Europe. This would require some tough political decisions to be made, both within the scope of increasing the defence spending, which would mean that the implemented cuts must be revoked, as well as within the scope of developing the procedures related to the quick reaction forces.

The рост криптовалюты memberlist authorities should also be authorized to utilize the possibilities offered by the quick reaction elements. Some opinion-makers show that, even if raising the level of readiness of the forces that NATO has at рост криптовалюты memberlist disposal such as the QRF unit that takes part in the Noble Jump exercise is being realized, it is absolutely required to have some realistic, political decision-making schemes at hand, in order to properly utilize the capabilities offered by the QRF — particularly when it comes to the countries of the Western Europe.