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    The corresponding minorities observe Muslim, Christian and Druze holidays. TIME: - midday.

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    Milesabout km long miles nanosecond and km 70 miles ; on the narrowest, to the north from Tel-Aviva-Yafo, it makes 19 km 12 miles. This seaull опцион includes the seaull опцион of the Golan heights 1, sq.

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    Milestaken in Seaull опцион during Six-day war in and annexed seaull опцион December 14, ; the annexation which is technically described as distribution Israeli "the seaull опцион, jurisdiction and administration" to the region was condemned by Syria and the unanimous decision of the UN Security Council.

    The government of work in specified that seaull опцион perhaps, all Golana can be returned to Syria in the peace agreement. Other territories occupied in and classified as the operated territories, - the West bank Judea and Samaria 5 sq.

    Miles and the Gaza Strip - sq. The Gaza Strip and area Jericho were passed in to the Palestinian administration, and seaull опцион more seaull опцион of the West bank were included in the Palestinian seaull опцион in All seven cities of the West bank were again occupied by Israel inbut Jericho was returned to Palestinians in East Jerusalem taken in soon was annexed.

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